Academic Staff Position

Pan African University
Life and Earth Sciences Institute
University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.


The Pan African University (PAU) is a continental initiative of the African Union Commission, Addis Ababa to revitalize Higher Education and Research in Africa. The PAU has five Institutes each in the five sub-regions of Africa. The Institutes are Life and Earth Sciences (including Health and Agriculture) at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria; Governance, Humanities, and Social Sciences at University of Yaoundé II, Cameroon; Science, Technology and Innovation at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya; Water and Energy (including Climatic change) at University Tlemcen, Algeria and the Institute of Space Sciences, South Africa. The Pan African University Life and Earth Sciences Institute (Including Health and Agriculture), PAULESI which is located within the University of Ibadan is the hub for West Africa. The PAU nurtures quality, exemplifies excellence and admits African students from all over the continent including the Diaspora.

PAULESI needs suitably qualified lecturers from all over Africa and the Diaspora for MSc/PhD programmes for the 2023/2024 Academic year. These openings are for short-term periods of one week to three months.

The seven thematic areas being offered in PAULESI are:

  1. Plant Breeding (MSc/PhD)
  2. Sport Management and Policy Development (MSc)
  3. Environmental Management(MSc/PhD)
  4. Medicinal Plants Research and Drug Development(MSc)
  5. Geosciences with Mineral Exploration and Petroleum Geoscience options(MSc/PhD)
  6. Veterinary Medicine with Avian Medicine, and Vaccine Production and Quality Control options (MSc)
  7. Reproductive Health Sciences with Reproductive Health Sciences (MSc/PhD)

The general courses include:

  1. Languages: English and French
  2. History, Gender and Human Rights
  3. Entrepreneurship Skills

Qualifications and Experiences

The programmes are offered at Masters and PhD levels. Qualified staff members are expected to participate in teaching/supervision/organizing practical/clinics for agreed periods starting from April 2024. They are also expected to set and mark question scripts at the end of the semester, with small class size (under 10) students. The language of instruction is English, so applicants must be fluent in English.

Applicants must be full Professors or Associate Professors, Senior Lecturers or Lecturer I with a minimum of PhD and 3 years teaching experience from recognized universities. Applicants must show evidence of handling similar courses in their institutions. Candidates with PhD Qualifications and prolonged experience in related industry will be considered for engagement.

Remuneration is an all-inclusive rate of USD70.00 per hour based on the allocated courses.

Teaching Mode
The teaching mode shall be hybrid: face to face and online via the virtual learning platform of the institute. However, due to travel restrictions, online teaching is encouraged.

Application Procedure
Applicants are expected to submit a cover letter (which should contain 3 suggested courses that they can teach in a thematic area of interest- Programme), a detailed, signed, dated and current curriculum vitae (the CV should cover qualifications, teaching experience/professional experience, prizes, grants/awards, publications, and contact details of three referees) and copies of certificates and testimonials in PDF format. Please note that the documents are to be submitted via the provided link –

Global Invitation
Applications are invited from qualified candidates from all over Africa, Asia, Europe, and Americas. Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

Further Information
Further Enquiries should be directed to:

The Deputy Director
Pan African University
Institute of Life and Earth Sciences
University of Ibadan
Ibadan, Nigeria
Tel: +234 70 350 15980/+234 8056962900

Applications should be done via
Please note that applications submitted via any other means apart from the link provided above will not be considered. Closing Date for submission of application is 4th February 2024

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