Programme Description
The postgraduate academic programme of Veterinary Medicine, Avian Medicine option is intended to offer basic and applied research training and skills to young veterinarians by providing capacity development for adaptability in today’s fast-changing world. The programme will be of particular interest to research scientists already working in Avian Medicine-related fields or to those who intend to enter this programme.
The duration of the Masters programme study is two years and it is a full-time programme with a Master of Science (M. Sc.) degree certificate awarded upon completion of the programme.

Programme Objectives
The Masters Programme in Veterinary Medicine focuses on both the theoretical and practical teaching, hence, the students will be engaged in interactive learning and practicalize the knowledge gained to facilitate the development of students’ practical skills which will result in the supply of the labour market by competent and qualified specialists. 
 The objectives of the programme are to:
i.    improve proficiency in definitive (confirmatory) diagnosis of avian diseases using laboratory techniques for diagnosis of and research in avian diseases
ii.    teach clinical case handling, disease investigation, case reporting, approach to diagnosis and disease management in avian species. 
iii.    teach the scientific bases of protection by vaccination, interactions between avian pathogens and the immune system and the peculiarities of avian immunity
iv.    encourage contribution to knowledge in Avian Medicine through research work of clinical interest.
v.    provide graduates a good foundation for studying in doctoral programs and developing a scientific career.

The work of veterinarians is wide because of its importance in animal welfare and the interdependent relationships between animals and humans. Hence, they can work in any of the following areas:
•    Animal health care clinics
•    Research laboratories
•    Universities
•    Diagnostic Laboratories
•    Public health department
•    Farms
•    Environmental agencies
•    Security agencies
•    Zoos and Nature parks
•    Wild life conservatories

Career Pathways
The Avian Medicine Masters programme has been designed to prepare its graduates with the skills, knowledge and the experience to help them survive in the competitive world of today, both in the academia and in the labour market. Thus, these graduates are able to forge their career paths as they choose as there is the rising demand for professionals in this field to battle the challenges rising from issues such as infectious diseases, pandemics, extinction and many others.

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