Programme Description The M.Sc. and Ph.D in Environmetal Management is one of the programmes run by Pan African Life and Earth Sciences Institute (Including health and Agriculture) PAULESI. Structure of the programme The duration for the award of Master of Science (M.Sc.) Environmental Management shall for two years (four semesters) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Environmental Management shall for three years (Six semesters). The first two semesters shall be for course work while the remaining semesters shall be for internship and Research Thesis. Rationale for the programmes The unsustainable utilisation and awareness of the importance of natural resources have consistently placed under undue pressure on the environment, hence the demand for literate and numerate graduates who possess a thorough understanding of the environmental, economic and social implications of the decisions that we make and the strategies we use to find sustainable solutions to environmental problems. Therefore, effective management of the environments in which we live, work and relax is one of the challenges of the modern time. Air, land, and water are facing increasing threats due to the unstainable management practices adopted by humans. In the age of just sustainability, there is need to enhance our environmental management understanding with a view to sustainably manage both renewable and non-renewable resources of the Earth. Issues relating to provision of renewable energy, protection of soil and water resources, conservation of biodiversity, urban development and the provision of space for recreation and tourism are assuming a front burner in environmental management globally. International donour agencies and national agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the issue of environmental management and its formal study will increase our student’s employability in a range of legal, financial, environmental and government organisations. Programme Objectives The philosophy of the programme is to produce academics and professional graduates that are practically grounded in environmental management and who are effective and efficient in handling environmental issues and are ethically competent to contribute to national development. The M.Sc. Environmental Management programme is aimed at those planning to become a high-level practitioner in either the private or public sector and allows graduates to pursue academic, technical and policy/management career paths. Graduates of the course now work for consultancies and professional service firms, and government agencies, with some pursuing doctoral research. The objectives of this programme are to: i.    provide adequate knowledge to students on the components of natural and managed environments and the interactions between them; ii.    allow students to develop skills in the acquisition of environmental information and the analysis and presentation of data; iii.    develop a sound understanding of environmental issues relating to land management and other human activities and their underlying socio-economic drivers; iv.    promote an interdisciplinary approach to the formulation of appropriate management strategies to address environmental problems; v.    expose students to professional practice in the area of environmental management through interaction with practitioners, site visits and placement opportunities; vi.    provide students with transferable skills and knowledge of relevance to environmental management in a broad variety of careers.
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