Programme Description
The vision of building an integrated, peaceful and prosperous Africa is dependent on harnessing the abundant human and material resources that are available among Africans. It is the realization of this that led the African Union to identify Sport as a major player.
The Master of Science Degree in Sports Development and Policy Management, within the purview of the Institute of Life Science and Health of Pan African University was intended to attract students from all over Africa and other part of the world. The target group includes sports practitioners and the intending practitioners. Students are drawn from sport and non sport sectors. It is expected to last for a period of two years consisting of four semesters. The last semester of the programme is for their final project. Master of Science (M.Sc.) Sports Development and Policy Management  is the Degree in view
Programme Objectives
The Academic Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Sports Management and Policy Development programme is designed to provide candidates with a high level of intellectual and professional skill that will enable them function effectively as professionals in Sports Management and Policy Development, and as people who can adapt to the changing situations in the African continent. Specifically, the programme is intended to:
(a)    provide personnel for leadership positions in the different sectors of Sports Management and Policy Development in Africa;
(b)    expose the students to a variety of Sports Management and Policy Development problems and to encourage them to develop spirit of enquiry and creativity which will enable them function effectively.
(c)    help create awareness for Sports Management and Policy Development activities which will enhance their quality of life. This will make them excellent models for adaptation to the changing situations to enhance developments in the Africa.
(d)    prepare them to fit into the varieties of social life of the Africa continent and to enhance their commitment to the attainment of the continental sports objectives and policy development in Africa.

Job Opportunities 
Masters degree in Sports Management and Policy Development will attract window of opportunities for the holders in the following areas:
They can serve as:
●    Fitness centre manager
●    Outdoor activities/education manager
●    Team manager
●    Sports development officer
●    Recreation /Park manager 
●    Customer service manager 
●    Sport facility manager
●    Event organizer
●    Sports administrator/ Manager
●    Tourism officer
●    Tourist information centre manager
●    They can also work in event and policy development/management companies, producing festivals, concerts, content creation, exhibitions and corporate or private parties.
●    Sports Management/ Sports Entrepreneur consultancy/ providing advice to the public  among others

Career Pathways
Sports, being a universal phenomenon, a language spoken  by all global citizens without restrictions. There are more careers in sports that the industrial or corporate world, put together. Sports management is the business end of sports, from the local league to the elite/professional league level. It is obvious therefore those products of the M.Sc in Sports Management and Policy Development can work in all climes. There is practically no human organisation where wellness is not desired and with the robust curriculum and holistic training of our students, they will readily be absorbed or reabsorbed into sports related, policy formulation and management settings to promote the desired development. 
For example, from the lowest rank of a Sports Officer, our products have the aptitude and competencies to rise to the highest rank of a Permanent Secretary/Director General.  Consequently, I affirm that products of our programme are highly sought for, in the labour market.

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