Pan African University
Life and Earth Sciences Institute
University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.


The Pan African University (PAU) is a continental initiative of the African Union Commission, Addis Ababa to revitalize Higher Education and Research in Africa. The PAU has five Institutes each in the five sub-regions of Africa. Located within the University of Ibadan (UI), the Pan African University Life and Earth Sciences Institute (Including Health and Agriculture), PAULESI is the hub for West Africa.

PAULESI is inviting interested and qualified agencies to submit technical and financial proposals for the provision of air ticketing services. The selected agencies will be responsible for issuance of tickets for about 100 incoming and 100 outgoing students yearly and also to distinguished faculties and professors from across the globe to Ibadan.

Please note that these should be two separate proposals titled “Technical Proposal” and Financial Proposal respectively.

Critical information in the Technical Proposal should among others include:

  1. Background information about the firm
  2. Membership of relevant associations within the industry (locally and internationally)
  3. Staff size (Elaborate and signed CV by each member of staff)
  4. Operational structure and service delivery (State how you intend to serve us)
  5. List of key clients with contact persons from each organization
  6. Ability to issue multiple tickets within a limited timeframe
  7. Ability to work 24/7 when situation demands
  8. Any other factors/incentives/package that would give your firm a competitive edge/advantage

Critical information in the Financial Proposal should among others include:

  1. Payment terms and conditions
  2. Additional charges if any on (i) economy class ticket (ii) business class ticket (iii) any mark-up or discount on tickets.
  3. Credit terms
  4. Applicable credit limits where available
  5. Evidence of sound financial position (liquidity)
  6. Any appropriate discount or incentives you may wish to offer PAULESI

Please note that the proposal must be written in English and sent electronically in PDF format to and must reach us not later than 30th August 2023.

For any additional information or further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us via email: or phone number: +2347035015980.


Signed: Management

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