Pan African University
Life and Earth Sciences Institute
University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.


The Pan African University (PAU) is a continental initiative of the African Union Commission, Addis Ababa to revitalize Higher Education and Research in Africa. The PAU has five Institutes each in the five sub-regions of Africa. Located within the University of Ibadan (UI), the Pan African University Life and Earth Sciences Institute (Including Health and Agriculture), PAULESI is the hub for West Africa.

PAULESI is inviting interested and qualified suppliers/vendors to submit proposals/bids/ quotations for the following items under the ref: PAULESI/PRO/22/004.

The items to be procured are to complement existing equipment in the fab-lab which will aid entrepreneurial activities.

004-1. Table top Plastic Shredder/Granulator
Dimension (excluding hopper) – 550 x 310 x 260 (L x W x H)
Color – Black Powder Coated
Input material – Polymer / Plastics
Granulator knife specs/speed – 3 knives / 900 RPM
Shredder knife specs/speed – 6 blades / 9 RPM
Material knife specs – High carbon, high chromium, and air hardened
Filter screen hole size – 3 mm (replaceable)
Capacity – 5 kg per hour / 4 liter per hour
Energy consumption – 1100 Watt = 1.1 kWh
Voltage – 220 Volt / 230 Volt
Output: Granulated plastic

004-2. Table-top Polymer dryer
Volume: 5L Hopper volume,
Drying Capacity: 1 kg/3 hours
Consumption :900 W
Voltage: 220 – 230V
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz

004-3. Table Top 3D filament Plastic Extruder/Maker
Hopper volume: 2 liters
Spool holder: 1
Spool size Diameter: 240 mm
Width: 120 mm
Power rating: 600W
Band heater: Ceramic
Heating zones: 4
RPM range: 2 – 15 RPM
Filament diameter range: 0.5 – 3 mm filaments for 3D printing
Nozzle extruder Diameter: 4 mm  Replaceable
Capacity – 5 kg per hour

004-4. Table Top Custom logo branding/printing machine
Function: Combo heat press and stamping machine
Funcion: stamping/branding
Size: Table-top
Voltage:220V and 110V
Power: 200W – 1250W
Temperature range:0-399 degrees
Input products: Shirts, mugs, leather
Please note that the applications must be written in English and the prices are to be quoted in naira (NGN). The proposals are to be sent to and must reach us not later than 20th November 2022. The proposal/bidding document must include the following:

  1. Specifications (which must be the same as specified above)
  2. Background in the domain
  3. Price/offer
  4. Initial payment required
  5. Performance security
  6. Delivery time

You are to keep your offer valid for at least 90 days which start counting from the day of submission.

Signed: Management

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